Is this the Chandler Parsons we’ve been waiting for?

In the offseason of 2014 the Mavericks made a huge deal to steal Chandler Parsons from the Rockets and sign him to a 3 year 46 million dollar contract. At the time this seemed like a safe gamble given that Parsons had made huge developments during his first years in Houston and would most likely continue this upward swing.

However, during his first season in Dallas Chandler took a hit in every major statistical category. This could be attributed to a new system, new coach, and new teammates but at the time it was hard to tell if he was going to be worth his contract. After a serious knee injury at the end of the 2014-2015 season that required surgery it seemed that Parsons had little chance of becoming the face of the franchise in the coming season.

In the first half of this year’s campaign Parson again fell flat of expectations of becoming “the man” by having worse averages than he did in his first season with the Mavericks. Granted he was coming off injury and again had many new teammates but it definitely seemed as if it were time for him to come alive and be who the Mavericks paid for. While that Chandler Parsons did not exist in the first 42 games of season, it seems as if he may have now finally arrived. In the last 4 games Parsons has had strong averages of 25 PPG, 2.75 APG, and 5.75 RPG while shooting well over 50% from deep. Could it be simply a hot streak? Maybe. Could it be the emergence of the All Star we’ve all been waiting for? Quite possibly. Only time will tell, but watching him play in these past few games it seems that he has finally hit his stride.

Mavericks fans, staff, and even players want Parson to take this step into the main role. With Dirk’s career winding down, a new era has to begin to avoid a series of years in the lottery, and if there is one thing that Mark Cuban and the front office have made clear it’s that Dallas doesn’t rebuild, they reload. If Parsons makes the jump to be the new face of the franchise once Dirk hangs it up then that reloading sequence will be that much easier. Also given that Parsons is already the best player-recruiter in the NBA, the Mavericks may even become a more viable option for young free agents looking for a big future.

All in all it is much too soon to decide if the Chandler Parsons as of late is here to stay or not. At the very least we as fans can enjoy him while he lasts and pray that these numbers he is putting up will become the usual. If he does end up regressing then we know what he is capable of and have hope that he will again find his form.


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