Defying the odds against us

All season long this Mavs team has been doubted, predicted by many to finish last in the Western Conference. After game 1 against OKC no one expected the Mavs to put up much of a fight, Parsons, Barea and Lee all out with injury and with Deron Williams playing with a sports hernia the questions was more of could the Mavs even cover the 14 point spread? But this Mavs team showed they have no quit in them.

The Mavs grinded and clawed themselves to a 1-1 series tied, Deron Williams gave it all he had whatever was left in his tank he emptied it out. His 11 points in the first quarter were as inspirational of a 11 points I have ever seen. D-Will had to take an inflammatory shot prior to the game just so he could step out on the court, let me tell you folks playing with a sports hernia and a pulled groin is no easy task and at that point it’s more of how much pain can you withstand without falling apart.

Round of applause goes out to Raymond Felton who once again was the unsung hero for the Mavericks with a 21 point 11 rebound game. A player many fans were screaming to cut the last couple seasons, a guy who has been ridiculed about his weight over and over again but make no doubt about it he has been nothing but a professional in Dallas. Always ready for when his number is called and while he did miss those 2 free throws at the end of the game, the Mavs don’t win without Ray Ray.

Justin Anderson had some of those rookie moments but he also had a couple of highlight dunks along with a key block on Durant at the end. Simba is still learning but he put everyone on notice he’s ready to roar. Carlisle learned from his mistake and gave Anderson key minutes and hopefully that trend continues but let it be known that for a team that got embarrassed couple nights before it takes great coaching to lift a team’s spirits and get them to perform like the Mavs did in game 2.

Dirk and Wesley didn’t have great games by any means but they each had key plays in the game that swung momentum in Dallas’ favor. Also can’t ignore Matthew’s defense on Kevin Durant, yes Durant missed some good look but he had to work for everything.

It wasn’t pretty but the Mavs gutted out a victory in Oklahoma City, and for those who will be at game 3 I hope you all are rowdy and loud because this group of guys deserve it. Best Mavs victory since Vince Carter’s winning corner 3 against the Spurs in 2014, let’s hope Mavs can make another memory Thursday night.

Let’s go Mavs!


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