Like him or not, Dwight Howard could take the Mavs to next level

Dwight Howard will be an unrestricted free agent this offseason and will be looking for a new team once again. Things obviously didn’t work out in Houston last season,

James Harden & Dwight didn’t have chemistry on or off the court. Many people have blamed Dwight for on & off court issues in the past, but it was obvious last season that James Harden was the main cause of the Rockets issues. Dwight Howard averaged a career high 62% field goal shooting last season. Unfortunately he averaged the second lowest shots attempted per game, which was only 8.5 shots a game. His Rockets teammates should have given him more shots, especially as he was shooting a career high field goal percentage.

Dwight Howard was still a defensive presence last season, opponents that Dwight defended around the rim, only shot 49.6%. He also averaged 1.5 blocks a game. With DeAndre snubbing the Mavs last offseason, Cuban & the franchise will once again go looking for an elite defensive center to pair next to Dirk. The Mavs tried to sign Dwight in 2012 after his Lakers campaign but he took his talents to Houston. Chandler Parsons, who recruited Dwight to Houston in 2012, will try and bring Dwight to the Mavs this offseason. During an exit day interview after the Mavs had been eliminated by OKC, Parsons was asked about Dwight potentially coming to Dallas, he said, “I think he can still dominate the game. I think he can still be a great player in this league. And I think he’s going to leave Houston. So why not come here?”

With other centers such as Hassan Whiteside, Bismack Biyombo, Al Horford and Joakim Noah to be free agents this offseason, the Mavs will have plenty of choices and cap room to go after one of those players. Zaza Pachulia exceeded everybody’s expectations last season in the first few months. He almost made the all star team getting voted in by the fans, however during the second half of the season Zaza wore down and played poorly for the Mavs. Rick Carlilse was forced to play Salah Mejri and even Dirk at center down the stretch of the season & the playoffs. Dirk has never had a great defensive center to play next to him, apart from Tyson Chandler. One of the reasons the Mavs won the 2011 title was because of the defensive and rebounding skills that Tyson Chandler had, which Dirk Nowitzki couldn’t do.

Dwight Howard is past his prime, but he still has a lot left in the tank. The Mavs would be able to revitalise his career by joining the Mavs. His good friends with Chandler Parsons, he would pair perfectly with Dirk and he won a gold metal with Deron Williams in the Beijing Olympics games in 2008. Everything indicates that Dwight would be the perfect fit for the Mavs. Hopefully the Mavs free agency will end better than it did last summer.



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