The Mavs have started a youth movement this offseason

The Mavs offseason wasn’t looking too good when Hassan Whiteside and Mike Conley turned down the Mavs and resigned with their original teams. Chandler Parsons then signed a max contract with the Memphis Grizzlies, leaving the Mavs with very little options.

Many people were saying that the Mavs should let Dirk sign with a contender and start the rebuild in Dallas. However the front office decided to explore other options in free agency. They started by resigning Deron Williams on a 10 million, one year deal. Then Dallas locked up young Dwight Powell on a 37 million deal over 4 years.

One decision changed the fate of the Mavs offseason, Kevin Durant signing with the Warriors. The Mavs had agreed to sign Harrison Barnes to a max offer sheet, so if Durant did join the Warriors, Barnes would be a Maverick.

When it was announced Durant would be joining the Warriors, Dallas knew it was a great result for them. It meant that the Warriors couldn’t match Harrison Barnes’ offer sheet and the Mavs would be able to sign him. The Warriors also needed to trade Andrew Bogut to allow them to fit Durant into their salary cap. The Mavs were proactive and decided to take Andrew Bogut into their salary cap and also receive a 2019 2nd round pick from the Warriors. What looked to be a disastrous offseason for the Mavs, had turned into a good one due to the Durant decision.

The Mavs offseason got even better when they were able to sign Seth Curry for a bargain 6 million over 2 years. Seth Curry averaged 16ppg and 6asg over the last 11 games of the season, he showed he can be a really good combo guard, not just being know as the brother of MVP Steph Curry.

By bringing back Powell and signing Harrison Barnes and Seth Curry, the Mavs now have a young core to grow alongside Justin Anderson and AJ Hammons. All these players are under 25 years old and have great potential. Resiging D-Will and trading for Bogut will give the Mavs a chance to fight for home court in the playoffs next season.

With all these signings, the Mavs then worked out a deal for Dirk by signing him to a 40 million deal over 2 years, to make him a 20 year player with only one franchise. The Mavs offseason looks to be pretty much done, however they do have a few roster spots left. It will be interesting to see what other players the Mavs will sign.



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