Why Dirk was never leaving Dallas

Dirk re-signed today for 2-years and $40 million and I couldn’t be happier for the big German because to put it simply it’s what he wanted.

There was a lot of speculation that for the first time in Dirk’s career he may actual get up and leave to chase another ring in another city, perhaps with Golden State, most notably. But in the end Dirk did the most Dirk thing he could do and that’s stay a Mavericks while still managing to leave money on the table.

NBA free agency is the most hectic and drama filled week of all the major sports and there were legitimate concerns that Dirk was thinking about leaving if the Mavs struck out in free agency and well that may have been true but more probable Dirk was using it for leverage. The Mavericks know all about leverage by now as Hassan Whiteside and Mike Conley both seemingly used Dallas to gain leverage with their own perspective teams. In the end all Dirk wanted was for the Mavs to stay competitive for a playoff spot and for him to finish his career with 20 seasons under his belt in a Mavs uniform, that matters to him.

Dirk loves Dallas, it’s his American adopted hometown after all, and Nowitzki is comfortable here in the DFW metroplex, as is his lovely wife and two kids, that matters to him. Whatever Dirk wants Mark Cuban will grant and with a championship already on his resume Dirk simply wants to stay competitive because he loves to compete at the highest level and has no interest in rebuilding.

Once Dallas struck out on the pipedream of Mike Conley and Hassan Whiteside it seemed like the Mavericks might actually go into full re-build mode but like they do every year they were able to work some magic and put together a solid plan B together. You can argue this starting 5 is better than last year’s starting 5 and that this team is slowly getting younger by looking at the team’s depth chart. That’s good enough for Dirk and well that’s good enough for me too.

I would have been fine if Dirk wanted to leave and chase another ring but that’s just not him, it’s not how he’s wired. He cares about the Mavericks and cares about finishing his career with one team and one team only. So while he may have thinking ‘seriously’ about leaving Dallas for the first time ever, the chances of that happening was as high as me winning the lottery one day, sure it could happen and if I buy multiple tickets it increases by chances but in reality it’s not happening.

It’ll be great to see Dirk play out the next two years with the Mavs and defy father time for as long as he can because not only will there never ever be another Dirk in Dallas, there’ll never be another Dirk anywhere, period.

Dirk is a special guy, thanks Germany!



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