Is Yogi Ferrell just another Linsanity story or the real deal for Mavs?

Yogi Ferrell, standing just 6 feet tall has been a revelation for the Mavs this past week. Signed on a 10 day contract one day, starting point guard against the Spurs & Cavs the next.

Yogi was thrown into the ‘deep end’ straight away, going up against against Tony Parker and Kyrie Irving on back to back nights. Yogi made two game winning free throws against the Spurs to help the Mavs win their first regular season game in San Antonio since 2010. The next night he outplayed Kyrie Irving to lead the Mavs past the defending champs at home. Yes, a man on a 10-day contract.

Yogi had a poor shooting game against the 76ers at home, however he still contributed and the Mavs blew out Philly. However Yogi’s next game was the biggest surprise of all, going up against Damian Lillard & the Blazers in Portland. Yogi had 32 points, including 9 threes ( ties NBA record for a rookie ) and 5 assists.

He also shut down offensive machine Lillard on the defensive end. So in one week, Yogi had outplayed Kyrie Irving & Dame Lillard. Even better news for the Mavs is that Yogi will sign a 2 year deal with the Mavs once his 10-day contract expires. Yogi’s career in Dallas is off to a promising start, to say the least.

The issue the Mavs face is to work out if Yogi is consistent enough to start at Point Guard for the remainder of the season and possibly for years to come. We saw Jeremy Lin display incredible stat lines for the Knicks when inserted into the starting lineup 4 years ago.

The NBA world was glorified beyond a shadow of a doubt watching a guy bounce from D-League and Summer League rosters to becoming a household name. Linsanity was amazing while it lasted, but he has never recreated the same level of play that he showed during that stretch with the Knicks.

Yogi Ferrell may just be playing on confidence, but he has shown he can definitely play and be a starter at this level. His only 23 years of age and will be able to grow in the seasons to come with Rick Carlilse as his coach & mentor. I believe the Mavs should start Yogi & Seth Curry in the backcourt for the remainder of the season.

It’s time to embrace the youth in Dallas, play the young guys and see what their made of.


One thought on “Is Yogi Ferrell just another Linsanity story or the real deal for Mavs?

  1. I hear you in Lin, but didn’t the Rockets basically buy high on him? If Lin had been eligible for a minimum contract that summer the Knicks would’ve kept him. As it happened if I remember Houston offered an insane amount of cash for his services. New system before it ever panned out. Who would Lin be as a player if he’d stayed in New York and kept playing for a fan base that lived him as much as they did? I think with Yogi we’re going to find out.

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