The Mavs are fun to watch again

This has been a tough season for MFFL’s everywhere in a year where Dirk has missed 26 games, the team got off to their worst start since Dirk’s rookie year and at one point this season the Mavs held the worst record in the entire NBA.

Now it’s early March and Rick Carlisle has sprinkled his magic again and the team is only 2 games behind the 8th playoff seed with some of the most exciting basketball I’ve seen from a Mavs team in years.

It’s all started with the acquisition of Harrison Barnes in the offseason where most people saw it as an eh move. There really wasn’t too much excitement with the images of Barnes missing open jumpers in the NBA Finals reminiscing in most fans mind. Barnes had to do a lot of the heavy lifting early on with Dirk being sidelined with a foot injury for a large chunk of the early season. Barnes has exceeded expectations and really showcased how versatile his game is, he has the ability to score from any spot on the court and is no slouch on the defensive end. His work ethic has been compared to Nowitzki’s on more than one occasion and as a fan hearing that gives one hope for the future.

Now sprinkle in a little Seth Curry and Yogi Ferrell and now we’re getting somewhere. Curry has been on a tear since the All-Star break and scoring 20+ points in all but 1 game coming out the gates. Dare I say he’s even outplaying his that other Curry brother, what’s his name, stef or steph or something like that. Seth’s confidence has certainly grown and he’s finding himself a spot on this team.

Somebody call the park ranger because Yogi’s on the loose! A second round pick who was released by arguably the worst team in the NBA has made a name out of himself in Dallas. What’s fun about watching Yogi play is his relentlessness, he’s not scared of the taking a big shot or the player he’s guarding no matter their pedigree. What’s more exciting than watching a no name player rise out of nowhere?

What really has me excited about this team again is the addition of Nerlens Noel at the trade deadline. His athleticism and youth, not to mention the chip on his shoulder, has immediately made an impact on this team ala Tyson Chandler. His speed and length and that allows him to switch up on players on defense and on offense he brings back the threat of the alley-oop while also polishing up his mid-range game. The days of the big man playing with his back to the basket is for the most part gone so Noel’s game translates very well on a team that has sorely lacked a big man to pair up alongside of Dirk since Tyson Chandler was here.

Last but not least Dirk is still Dirk and watching him turn back on the clock is still a beautiful thing to watch. Tracking his ascension into the 30K points club has been tremendous and certainly a reason for celebration.

I was all for team tank for the majority of the season but this young core of players has me excited for this team and it’s future once again. They battle as hard as any team in the NBA and I give Carlisle a lot of credit for that as he always gets the best out of his players. But this team is too fun to watch, the youth and athleticism has been missing for years and now it is here again.

If you’ve gotten off the train I strongly encourage you to get back on because Mavericks basketball is fun once again. Go Mavs!


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