The Mavs are not worthy

To put it simply the Dallas Mavericks are not worthy of having a superstar, a franchise player, a LEGEND like the great Dirk Nowitzki from Wurzburg, Germany.

While everyone in the NBA world was astonished that Kevin Durant took a pay cut by signing a 2 year $53 million contract, Dirk was like hold my beer and signed a 2 year $10 million deal.

Now let me emphasize something, no one is making Dirk take a pay cut, no one is trying to low ball the big German to such a deal, the fact is it’s just who Dirk Nowitzki is and it’s why he is so beloved by his fans. It speaks to his character and his selflessness that he would take such a pay cut….AGAIN. We’ve seen this over the years, ever since the summer of 2010 when the possibility of Dirk leaving the franchise was its highest, but even then the chances of him leaving were microscopic.

Dirk’s loyalty to the Mavs is out of this world and it only adds to his legendary pedigree. There will never be another Dirk Nowitzki, on or off the basketball court. Anytime you hear an NBA analyst say this kid could be the next Dirk just go ahead change the channel because Dirk Nowitzki is more than just one of the greatest scorers of all-time, one of the greatest champions of all time, one of the greatest shooters of all time, he’s much more than that. His legacy off the court, his selflessness, his humbleness, his loyalty to a franchise and fan base will never be replicated.

Keep in mind this is a Mavs team that hasn’t really competed for anything but a 1st round playoff exit ever since the 2011 championship run and is now in the process of rebuilding. For a player like Dirk, as competitive as he is, to accept that reality and still be willing to take pay cuts for the better of the franchise is unorthodox.

Dirk will always be grateful to Mark Cuban for the loyalty Cubes showed him while he struggled early on in his career and the aftermath that came with the 2006 finals loss to the Miami Heat. Dirk was heavily criticized nationwide being called soft and a player who would never win the big one. Even local fans began to turn on Dirk and doubt his greatness but never Mark Cuban and that meant a lot to Dirk. Don’t get me wrong Cuban has done a horrific job with player decisions post 2011 and even before then failing to surround Dirk with more star talent but nonetheless he helped get Dirk that 1 championship ring which is more than a lot of players can say.

He’s never complained, never wallowed in his effort on the court nor his preparation and most noticeably has never wallowed in his love and appreciation for the fans.  What he’s meant to the city of Dallas, to the fan base and to the Dallas Mavericks organization, we thank you Dirk….We are not worthy.


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