2018 NBA Draft Preview: Marvin Bagley III

The Mavericks have had an extremely rough start to the year as they sit at 19-42 through 61 games.  Not all hope is lost as players such as Dennis Smith Jr. and Harrison Barnes have put up decent numbers, but it is obvious that the Mavs will not be competing for a championship anytime soon.

This made me interested in who the Mavs could add through the draft his offseason as they will most likely have a very high lottery pick.  The four prospects I have been most intrigued with include: Marvin Bagley III (Duke), Luka Doncic (Real Madrid-Spain), DeAndre Ayton (Arizona), and Michael Porter Jr. (Missouri).  I will be doing a series reviewing the game of each of these players.

Marvin Bagley has been the best player on a top 5 team in the country the entire season.  He has shown his ability to dominate the paint on a nightly basis.  Bagley has an interesting past as he was not supposed to be in college basketball until next season.  He reclassified from graduating in the Class of 2018 to 2017 and immediately became the #1 recruit in the 2017 class.  He signed with Duke and he has led Coach K’s squad to a 24-6 record so far this year.  Bagley has put up 21 points, 11 rebounds, plus a steal and a block per game.  He’s also shown a decent three-point stroke shooting 35% from deep.

Bagley is one of the best prospects in this draft and a duo of him and DSJ would be a very nice combination for the future.  With Owner Mark Cuban coming out and stating the obvious about how losing is whats best for the team, the Mavs need to embrace this by giving younger players like DSJ, Yogi, DSF, and Nerlens Noel as many minutes as we can.  This will allow them to improve their all around games and show us what young talent we have.

Trust the rebuild and Go Mavs


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