NBA Awards Predictions: With a Mavs Perspective

MVP Top Candidates

LeBron James

Anthony Davis

Giannis Antetokounmpo

James Harden

Kawhi Leonard

Prediction:  Anthony Davis

Mavs Perspective:  the Mavs are not yet in a position to be on MVP watch for any of their players but this season could show whether or not Luka has potential to be listed in this category at some point in his career.  Watching all of these guys play may cost a little more than other games but for me it is must see entertainment.  We get LeBron in Dallas on Jan 7th, Anthony Davis on Dec 26th and March 18th, Giannis on February 8th, Harden on December 8th and March 10th, and Kawhi will be here January 27th.

Rookie Of the Year Top Candidates

Deandre Ayton

Luka Doncic

Collin Sexton

Kevin Knox

Marvin Bagley

Trae Young

Prediction:  Luka Doncic

Mavs Perspective:  Luka should have the ball in his hands a lot and his ability to shoot, pass, and rebound should give him the all-around numbers to be the top rookie.  Not much love for 5th overall pick, Trae Young, being listed behind 9th overall pick in Kevin Know and 8th pick Collin Sexton.

Sixth Man of the Year Top Candidates

Lou Williams

Julius Randle

Dennis Schroder

Tyreke Evans

JJ Redick

Prediction:  Lou Williams.  Can’t this guy get a starting spot? Last year average 22.2 ppg and 5.3 assists and continues to come of the bench behind Patrick Beverly and Avery Bradley.

Mavs Perspective:  JJ Barea is a dark horse 6th man candidate.  JJ has battled injuries the last few years that have kept him out of this conversation but if he can play healthy for a majority of the season I think he will get some mentions.  Not off to a great start shooting this season averaging 8.3 points on 28% shooting but he is tied with Ben Simmons for 5th in the NBA in assists per game with 8.3.

Defensive Player of the Year Top Candidates

Rudy Gobert

DeAndre Jordan

Kawhi Leonard

Anthony Davis

Draymond Green

Joel Embiid

Giannis Antetokounmpo

Prediction:  Anthony Davis.  Yes, that is an MVP and DPOY prediction for The Brow.  Once he moves to a contender next year as a free agent this will be Anthony Davis’ league.

Mavs Perspective:  DeAndre Jordan will make an immediate for the Mavs defense but he is no longer 25 years old like Anthony Davis.  Those spry young legs should let him spring past DJ in both blocks and steals this season.

Most Improved Player Top Candidates

Zach LaVine

Nikola Mirotic

Caris LeVert

Jayson Tatum

Prediction:  Jayson Tatum.  All of these guys are off to a great start and have shown huge improvements from last season.  The only difference is that I expect Jayson Tatum to be a major contributor to a top seeded team.  If the Pelicans rise up to a top 3 seed in the west Mirotic may take home the hardware.

Mavs Perspective:  This is where we hoped to find Dennis Smith, Jr. this season.  Just a few games in it doesn’t appear that he made huge strides in his 3 point shot and he has not yet been aggressive enough to build upon the 15 points and 5 assists he average in an impressive rookie campaign.

Coach of the Year Top Candidates

Brad Stevens (Bos)

Mike Malone (Den)

Quin Snyder (Uta)

Nick Nurse (Tor)

Alvin Gentry (NOP)

Rick Carlisle (Dal)

Greg Popovich (SA) – I just can’t leave him off the list…

Prediction:  Rick Carlisle. This would be Carlisle’s 2nd Coach of the Year award, the first was on 2002 with the Detroit Pistons.

Mavs Perspective: This may be a total homer MFFL pick but I think it holds some water.  This is really based on what I expect to be a huge jump from a lousy 24 win total last year.  I think this can be a playoff year for the Mavericks putting them around 45-48 wins, a 20+ game improvement.  Rick has long been known to get the most out of his players, and now he has good players with the addition of Jordan and Doncic. Also, since they are no longer tanking, I expect them to win more close games as opposed to last year where the Mavs lost 24 games by 6 points or less.

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