Mavs Free Agency: Shooting Guards

In this edition of Mavs Free Agency we will look at the top 10 shooting guards available in free agency this summer.  

The Dallas Mavericks have no shooting guards under contract past this season.  With no first round draft pick due to the Luka Doncic trade (top-5 protected), adding players through the draft in 2019 seems very unlikely.  But have no fear, Donnie Nelson and Mark Cuban will have $57 million in cap space to add experienced players to take this team to the next level.  Let’s look at some of the players the Mavs have on their radar from the shooting guard position.

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*Warning: there may be explicit language in highlight videos.

RFA – Restricted Free Agent
UFA – Unrestricted Free Agent
PO – Player Option
TO – Team Option
Career Earnings – Money earned by NBA salary through the 2018-2019 season, does not include 2019 Option amount.

1. Klay Thompson, Golden State Warriors

Type Age  2018 Salary  Career Earnings
UFA 29  $19 M  $78.8 M
’18-’19 16 33.6 46% 34% 81% 3.6 1.7 0.7 1 21.1
Career 553 33 46% 42% 85% 3.4 2.3 0.5 0.9 19.3

Klay is head and shoulders above any other shooting guard in free agency, he is the best scorer and defender of anyone else listed here.  He does not need the ball in his hands a lot to make an impact as we saw with his RIDICULOUS 60 points in 29 minutes with only 11 dribbles in a 2016 regular season game.  He is only 29, played 6 full seasons, and it already 22nd all-time in made 3s with 1,596.  If it wasn’t for Steph Curry there is a very real chance we would all be calling Klay Thompson the best shooter of all-time.  He has the highest number of 3s in a season by anyone other than Steph Curry and hes been doing it shooting 42%.  It would not seem right to break up the Splash Brothers, but if Klay wants to try his hand at being a team’s top scorer we would welcome him in Dallas with open arms, and an open checkbook.


2. J.J. Redick, Philadelphia 76ers

Type Age  2018 Salary  Career Earnings
UFA 35  $12.3 M  $91.4 M
’18-’19 16 31.3 43% 36% 94% 2.5 3.5 0.1 0.3 18.2
Career 776 25.5 45% 41% 89% 2 2 0.1 0.5 12.5

Redick is an elite shooter and one of the best at moving without the ball.  He runs off so many screen, uses great angles, and has a lighting release that renders defenders useless when he is at his best.  He is 29th in NBA history in 3s made with 1,512 and just like Klay, he does it shooting a very good percentage, peaking at 48% in the 2016 season!  He is much needed in Philadelphia as one of their only perimeter shooters (certainly not Fultz) since the Butler trade so it seems very likely they will want to keep Redick. He is 35 years old which is a little concerning but he does not seem to be slowing down a bit, having his best scoring seasons of his career this year and last. 


Wes has taken a lot of hear from Mavs fans over the past couple years.  A lot of isn’t his fault, its the big 4yr/$70M contract that the Mavs front office game him coming off of his torn achilles injury while playing for Portland.  I think a lot of it also has to do with the tanking the last two years and a frustrated fan base looking for a scapegoat.  He also has a slightly irrational level of confidence that can rub some fans the wrong way when things aren’t going right.  He is never afraid of a shot, knows he can make it from anywhere, and wants the chance to guard the other team’s best players.  Although it can be frustrating at times I love that he has a never-back-down, never-give-up attitude.  

One this that has never been questioned about Wes is his work ethic, toughness, and commitment.  By all accounts, coaches and teammates love what he brings to the court and the locker room every day.  It is really a benefit to have someone as committed to the organization as Wes, to show and teach the young guys how to be a pro.  

He is no longer the defensive stopper that he used to be but he still gets after it on defense and knows how to come up with steals.  Because of this competitiveness and ability to stretch the floor and knock down shots, I would love to have Wesley Matthews back next year, at the right price.


4. Danny Green, Toronto Raptors

TypeAge 2018 Salary  Career Earnings 
UFA32 $10 M  $52.7 M 

Nothing flashy about Danny’s Green’s game but it sure is effective. We all know about his knock-down shooting and unlimited range, but it is his great defensive instincts that really elevate his value.  He is an NBA Champion and was named to 2017 All-Defensive team.  At 6’6″ he averages the most blocks of anyone on this list, and it is pretty rare to get his level of defensive productivity from your shooting guard.  

After spending several seasons with Kawhi Leonard in San Antonio he was part of the deal that sent them both to Toronto this season where they have jumped out to the best record in the league so far.  If throwing a contract at Danny Green would get the Mavs one step closer to locking down Kawhi that wouldn’t hurt either. 


5. Tyreke Evans, Indiana Pacers

TypeAge 2018 Salary  Career Earnings 
UFA30 $12.4 M  $75.5 M 

’18-’19 13 19.6 40% 37% 68% 2.2 2.4 0.5 1 10.3
Career 538 31.8 44% 32% 76% 4.7 5.1 0.4 1.3 16.3

Tyreke Evans had one of the best rookie seasons of all-time with the Sacramento Kings in 2010, averaging 20 points, 5+ rebounds, and 5+ assists but then seemed to regress every single year up until last season where he reproduced those number with a depleted Memphis Grizzlies team.  Even with that performance, all Evans was able to get in free agency was a 1 year deal as a backup with the Indiana Pacers.  

Although he was a terrible shooter early in his career, he has really improved this aspect of his game, shooting 39%, 36%, and 40% over the past 3 seasons. He should be a great asset for the Pacers this year and if he can make some noise in the playoffs he should be able to lock down more than a one-year deal this summer.  


6. Rodney McGruder, Miami Heat

Type Age  2018 Salary   Career Earnings 
RFA 28  $1.5 M   $3.4 M 
’18-’19 14 33.1 46% 44% 73% 5.2 3.5 0.2 0.9 12.8
Career 110 24.8 43% 36% 64% 3.3 1.7 0.2 0.6 7

After playing 4 seasons at Kansas State, McGruder bounced around the G-League until the Heat gave him an non-guaranteed 3 year deal in 2016.  Improving each season McGruder has carved out a starting role as a shooter and playmaker.  Along with Redick, McGruder’s 3.5 assists are the highest of anyone on this list.  If he can continue to knock down shots at this rate and make plays for his teammates, McGruder will enter free agency about as low profile as MacGruber walking into the club.


7. Terrance Ross, Orlando Magic

Type Age  2018 Salary   Career Earnings 
UFA 28 $10.5 M $42.6 M
’18-’19 15 25.6 44% 39% 83% 3.1 2 0.6 1 13.9
Career 426 23.9 42% 37% 80% 2.7 1 0.3 0.8 9.7

Now in his 7th season, Ross came into the league as an 8th overall pick, known for his high flying ferocious dunks, winning the dunk contest in his 2013 rookie season.  He quickly changed the narrative on his game by dropping 51 points for the Raptors in his sophomore season, knocking down 10 of 17 threes in that game and shooting 39% from downtown for the season.

Consistency has been Ross’ problem in his career, but at 28 years old, with his ridiculous athleticism and smooth jumper, Ross is a productive player who still has great upside potential.


8. Rodney Hood, Cleveland Cavaliers

Type Age  2018 Salary   Career Earnings 
UFA 26  $3.5 M   $9.9 M 
’18-’19 14 26.6 45% 40% 95% 2.6 2.2 0.1 0.7 12.9
Career 262 27.4 42% 37% 84% 3 2 0.2 0.7 13

Hood is the youngest player on this list, this is just his 5th year in the NBA.  He was averaging 17 points per game on 39% 3-point shooting last season before being traded to the Cavs mid-season so Utah could make room rookie Donovan Mitchell.  His struggles playing with LeBron last year are well documented, scoring just 10 ppg playing along side him.  This huge drop in production resulted in Hood settling for a 1 year $3.5 million deal with the Cavs this past offseason.  

Hood has bounced back fairly well this season.  He is not averaging a ton of points but he is being very efficient on the worst team in the league.  Shooting 40% from 3, 95% from the line, and 46% from inside the arc, Hood is showing the scoring touch that had a lot of people very high on him while he was in Utah.  This is a big prove-it year for Hood and he could be a great value buy in 2019 free agency.


9. Jeremy Lamb, Charlotte Hornets

Type Age  2018 Salary   Career Earnings 
UFA 27  $7.5 M   $30.4 M 
’18-’19 14 24.9 45% 39% 93% 4.6 1.6 0.4 1.4 12.9
Career 370 18.9 45% 34% 84% 3.3 1.4 0.3 0.6 9.3

Jeremy Lamb seems to have all the tools to take the next step in his career and it looks like that transformation may be happening this year.  He has finally carved out a starting role and is scoring pretty efficiently for a 7-7 Hornets team currently sitting atop the Southeast Division.  His increased role has shown that he is able to use his length and athleticism to be a menace on defense, averaging the highest steals per game of anyone on this list so far this season.

A career 34% 3 point shooter is not exactly what you are looking for out of your shooting guard, but if he can prove that the 39% he is shooting to start this season is not a fluke, Lamb may be able to secure himself a nice contract this offseason.


10. Lance Stephenson, Los Angeles Lakers

Type Age  2018 Salary   Career Earnings 
UFA 28  $4.4 M   $35.4 M 
’18-’19 14 16.2 46% 38% 78% 3.4 1.9 0.1 0.9 8.6
Career 454 24.2 45% 31% 69% 4.3 3 0.1 0.7 8.8

His number may not look great this season with the Lakers but that is mostly due to his reduced role.  His per 36 minute averages of 19 points, 7.6 rebounds, 4 assists, and 1.9 steals show Lance is very productive when he is on the court. Not only productive, Lance “born-ready” Stephenson has the kind of flare that gets the crowd roaring.  This back-up role where he can come in and energize a second unit is a great situation for Stephenson.  He has all the skills to take over the game in stretches but he is not the kind of player you want to rely on from night to night.  He is big, fast, skilled, and still in his prime.  He also has an awesome highlight reel…


Other Free Agent Shooting Guards:

Player Team Type Age Salary
Allen Crabbe BKN PO 26 $18,500,000
Kent Bazemore ATL PO 29 $18,089,887
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope LAL UFA 26 $12,000,000
Austin Rivers WAS UFA 29 $11,825,000
Alec Burks UTH UFA 28 $10,500,000
Iman Shumpert SAC UFA 29 $10,000,000
Garrett Temple MEM UFA 33 $8,000,000
Mario Hezonja NYK UFA 24 $6,500,000
Wayne Ellington MIA UFA 31 $6,270,000
Alex Abrines OKC RFA 26 $5,725,000
Ben McLemore SAC UFA 26 $5,330,000
Justin Holiday CHI UFA 30 $4,500,000
Ron Baker NYK RFA 26 $4,436,200
Glenn  Robinson II DET TO 24  $  4,075,000
Jodie Meeks MIL UFA 32 $3,372,250
Troy Daniels PHX UFA 28 $3,333,336
Tomas Satoransky WAS RFA 27 $3,000,000
Seth Curry POR UFA 29 $2,795,000
Reggie Bullock DET UFA 28 $2,500,000
Vince Carter ATL UFA 42 $2,393,887
Jamal Crawford PHX UFA 39 $2,393,887
Dwyane Wade MIA UFA 37 $2,393,887
Quincy Pondexter SAS UFA 31 $2,165,481
Justin Anderson ATL RFA 25 $1,764,662
Ian Clark NOP UFA 28 $1,757,429
Nik Stauskas POR UFA 25 $1,621,415
David Nwaba CHI RFA 26 $1,512,601
Wayne Selden MEM UFA 25 $1,428,781
Sindarius Thornwell LAC TO 24  $  1,378,242
Daniel Hamilton ATL RFA 24 $1,349,383
Tyler Dorsey ATL RFA 23 $1,096,929
Andrew Harrison MEM RFA 24 $994,269
MarShon Brooks MEM UFA 30 $853,882
Allonzo Trier NYK RFA 23 $77,250

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