Dirk Returns Tonight!


Maverick legend Dirk Nowitzki is set to return to the court tonight in Phoenix for his 2018-2019 season debut!

Nobody can say for sure if this is Dirk’s last year but there a strong feeling that it probably is.  I’m sure he will miss games for rest and his minutes will be limited so Mavs fans should be ready to cherish the remaining Dirk moments we have left.

In honor of Dirk’s return to the court tonight, here is a series of videos to remember the great times we have shared with Dirk over the last 20 years.

How can you not start with the performance that took Dirk from being one of the best to never win it, to one of the best to ever do it.  Clutch shot after clutch shot.  Absolutely unstoppable, orchestrating the offense from the foul line or foul line extended and drilling threes left and right.  After several disappointing trips to the playoffs Dirk knew what it took to win in 2011 and gave Dallas everything he had.  What a legendary run by the greatest Mavericks player of all time.


This is just a feel good video that reinforces some of the qualities that we love about Dirk.  Great story from Kobe in this video about Dirk’s loyalty.  He knew it was a long shot but when Dirk was a free-agent Kobe reached out to try to get Dirk to ditch Dallas and go to LA. Dirk of course declined to leave his HOME, Dallas.


Shoutout to Ben Rogers from the Ben & Skin Show on 105.3 the fan, with this spot on Dirk Anthem.


The 30,000 points game was one of my most memorable moments at the AAC.  The hype going into the game was crazy, everyone wanted to see Dirk eclipse 30,000 (it was about all we had to cheer for that year, after all).  In a year where he was averaging 14 points per game and was 20 points away from the milestone going into the game, Cuban and the Mavs were putting a lot of pressure on the Big German by hyping it as the 30K game, including giving every fan in the stands a Dirk 30K t-shirt.  As usual, the pressure only brought the best out him, this video is a great recap of the whole experience.


Not many superstars are as humble, and self-deprecating as our man, Dirk Nowitzki, to give fans moments like these.  It also doesn’t hurt that he is legitimately a .funny dude


Dirk is best known around the NBA for changing the game.  A 7 footer who had unlimited range didn’t exist before Nowitzki.  In honor of him being the stretch 4 pioneer, enjoy some of the most clutch 3’s in Dirk’s career.


It is incredible reliving all of the moments Dirk has given us over the past 20 years, here is to hoping there are many more to come, Prost!

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