Luka Dončić Daily All-Star Voting Routine


I am not going to get into why Luka Dončić should be an All-Star this season, I will leave that to my last few articles on the subject combined with Luka’s nightly performance for the Dallas Mavericks as why he should be on everyone’s All-Star ballots.

For those of you who are already looking to maximize your Luka Dončić All-Star votes here is an easy daily routine to make sure you give Luka the best chance to share the court with the best basketball players in the World where he belongs.

You have the ability to cast 4 All Star votes for Luka Dončić every day if you utilize all of the available platforms. Also, beware voting for other top front court players in the West. Every vote for LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis, Paul George, etc, reduces the chances that Luka is voted an All Star starter. To make it easy, just vote for your favorite Mavs for the West and feel free to select whoever your heart desires in the East.

Step 1. Open up your computer or smart phone and google “NBA All Star Vote.” Select up to 10 unique players, regardless of conference or position, and press “Vote.”

Step 2. Go to Star and vote for 5 Western and 5 Eastern Conference starters. This voting also restricts you to 2 backcourt and 3 frontcourt players per Conference.

Step 3. Download the NBA app on android or iOS. When inside the app go to “More” in the bottom right. Then under the “Events” section you can select “2019 All Star Vote” and cast another ballot of 5 Western and 5 Eastern Conference starters, 2 backcourt and 3 frontcourt each.

Step 4. The final task of the day is to download the Google Assistant on your laptop, phone, speaker, tablet or other connected device. Vote via any Google Assistant enabled device by saying, “Google, talk to NBA All-Star.”  Fans may submit votes for up to 10 unique players per day.

Up to 4 votes can be cast every single day if you use each of these steps.  We will also keep you in the know about 2-for-1 voting days where each vote counts double, the first one being January 3.

Luka is doing his part on the court, now all of us fans need to do our part off the court to make this dream a reality!


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  1. You can also google “vote nba all star game” (no quotes) and vote directly on


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