Mavericks Commentator, Jeff “Skin” Wade Bets Jason Kidd is Mavericks next Head Coach

Ben and Skin took to the air this afternoon to talk about their feeling regarding Rick Carlisle after the ex-Mavericks Head Coach took over as the Indiana Pacers newest Captain.

Carlisle had a one-on-one interview with Dallas Morning News’ Tim McMahon recently where he made it known that he thought Jason Kidd would be a “good fit” for Dallas as the next Head Coach. You’ll have to decide for yourself the level of goodwill and sincerity behind his comments though. It is well documented that Rick and Kidd butted heads like two rams in the Rocky Mountains while Kidd was in a Mavs uniform. It is also well documented that Kidd has struggled as a Head Coach with two failed attempts in Brooklyn and Milwaukee respectively before transitioning to an assistant role. Jeff Wade seems to think that Carlisle was being less than sincere about his endorsement of Kidd but also tends to think that Rick must know that it is already a sure thing.

“I thought it was wildly inappropriate…I would bet everything I have that Jason Kidd is the next head coach of the Dallas Maverick or Rick wouldn’t have said that” Jeff “Skin” Wade said on 97.1 The Eagle

The Maverick did him a huge favor by letting him walk out of his contract…it’s wildly inappropriate…its not different than if last summer Rick had started commenting on the Indiana job…to me, I’m frustrated.”

Kidd has spent the last few seasons working as an Assistant Coach for the Los Angeles Lakers under Head Coach, Frank Vogel.

I would have hired Jamahl Mosley immediately but what the hell do I know?” Jeff “Skin” Wade said with a chuckle “I’m here talking on the mighty Eagle”

The duo went on to talk about the General Manger vacancy.

I think Finley will stay on in the position that he’s currently in, I think the next gm will be more of a recruiter.” Ben Rogers stated.

It has been reported by several outlets that Cuban is not focused on finding a traditional General Manager. After parting ways with long time Mavs GM Donnie Nelson, Cuban is believed to be want to fill that role with an executive outside of the league, maybe someone with a background at Nike as suggested by Skin.

The Ben and Skin show can be heard weekday afternoons from 2-5pm on 97.1 KEGL The Eagle.

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