Build Your Starting 5 and Coach with $20…or 93 Dogecoin.

Last week we challenged our followers to make the best Mavericks team they could with $20. We had so many replies that we thought it would only be fair to force our new writers make some hard choices of their own. These were their answers… Let us know if we need to fire them already.

Shahnavaz Makhani

The first question for any Mavs fan when doing this exercise is of course the choice of Dirk vs Luka (or just choosing both and going 2v5 against everyone). In today’s day and age and the way the game is played today, it’s a no brainer to me to take Luka. Dirk is my favorite Dallas athlete of all time but Luka’s game translates so well today and allows you to build your team a little stronger. 

With $10 already spent, we’re looking at filling out our starting 5 around Luka who will serve as PG and primary ball handler. Another ball handler and knock down shooter is definitely required, and I want so badly to get Jason Terry here, but Monta Ellis gives us a lot of the same abilities for $3 cheaper. With the remaining $7, give me Tyson Chandler for $3 as our rim protector and P&R roll mate for Luka. This leaves us with $4 and two slots left, plus a head coach. I’ll take Stackhouse and his insane basketball ability for $2 and an often underrated Jamal Mashburn for $1. I’ll give the other $1 to John MacLeod who could probably lead this team to the conference finals in his first year again (and quite honestly, most coaches should). 

Evan Siegel

Lineup: Erick Damiper, Monta Ellis Jason Terry, Josh Howard, Dirk Nowitzki, and Coach Avery Johnson

While this circles through the different Maverick eras quite a bit, this is as devastating an offensive lineup as one can find with this budget. Avery Johnson proved to be the only coach that could extract the most out of the oozing talent of Josh Howard and Erick Dampier, while also pushing Jason Terry into a dynamic three-level scorer who could space the floor for Dirk Nowitzki. Monta Ellis, during his first of two seasons in Dallas, was one of the best pick-and-roll partners Nowitzki ever played with. That combination terrorized the impenetrable Spurs’ defense in the first round of the 2014 playoffs. Finally, while Luka Doncic is causing jaws to drop all the way through the crust of the earth these days, Nowitzki is still the Mavs’ GOAT, and until Doncic gets Dallas out of the first round, he will remain atop this list. 

Kyle Luellen

This might be the toughest build your five challenge I have ever done. I honestly think it is not fair to only have 20 dollars but if I had to decide I’ll probably go with:

$4 Jason Terry PG – The Jet is easily a one of my top 5 favorite Mav of all time, always was clutch and never feared the big moment so this might be the best $4 I have ever spent.

$1 Jamal Mashburn SG: This might be the best pick for the price that it is. Mashburn was drafted by the Mavs, made 1st All Rookie team and averaged his career high 25 pts a game as a Mav. Him and Jason Terry would be a nasty backcourt.

$3 Shawn Marion SF: Why not bring the Matrix back, Versatile Defender that can also give you bucket, I think he would mesh well wish this group.

Free Erick Dampier C- Dampier was a pretty good force in the paint, and for free I think that’s great value for what he brings to the paint.

$2 Avery Johnson- Avery was the start of turning the Maverick franchise around, and I think he fits the mold of this lineup the best. He would def get the best out this group.

The one everybody waiting on….

$10: Dirk Nowitzki- I love Luka, but I must give the edge to Dirk just because he brought it home in 2011. When Luka gets his Trophy maybe I’ll change my mind.

Has seeing our writers opinions changed your mind about your starting 5? Let us know in the comments or on twitter.

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