Andre Iguodala Was Almost a Maverick


On The Old Man & the Three podcast hosted by JJ Redick, Andre Iguodala reminisced about his trade from Denver. At the time, Iguodala declined a 5 year deal with Denver and eventually signed for 4 years and a reported $48 million with the Golden State Warriors in a sign and trade deal that involved the Utah Jazz as well. Andre had a successful season with the Warriors in which he was named All-NBA Defense first team. In his second season with the team Steve Kerr took over as Head Coach and the Warriors won and NBA Championship, Iguodala took home the Finals MVP trophy. All of this might have not happened had it not been for that pesky Dwight Howard. In the 2013-2014 offseason Andre Iguodala decided he was going to play for the Dallas Mavericks.

Iguodala told Redick that he like Mark Cuban, he liked Dallas, and he liked how Dallas treated players when they won a championship for them. He was going to be a Maverick. The problem came when Dwight Howard decided to string the NBA along and hold off his decision to sign with the Houston Rockets. Iggy recounts that Dwight told the media he was also going to meet with Dallas before signing with Houston. That forced Mark Cuban to hold off on signing free agent talent like Iguodala until Howard made his decision. Andre was not upset by this because in his own words he referred to Howard as a “generational” talent, so of course Dallas would wait for his decision. On doing so though, it gave Golden State enough time to work out a sign and trade deal with Denver and Utah to pull in Iguodala and the rest is history.

JJ goes on to say that it’s fun to think about these ‘what if” scenarios sometimes. Specifically in this case because of what happened to both players careers immediately following that 2013-2014 offseason. What do you think would have been different in Dallas had Andre Iguodala ended up in a Mavs Uniform?

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