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Jasper isn’t your every day Mavs fan, he’s not local to Dallas or even Texas for that matter. Jasper isn’t even located in the United States. Jasper lives in the Philippines and has been a loyal Mavericks fan for over 20 years. There have been several scrapped plans for this article. We started with the original idea which would have me meeting whatever fan we chose at random in a coffee shop for an face to face interview and maybe even a video. Well, as I mentioned previously, Jasper is in the Philippines and believe it or not we don’t that type of travel budget here at Mavs Fans For Life. Not yet at least.

Plan two then, right?


Several attempts to video chat with Jasper ended in failure. It would be easy for me to blame it on the time difference, technology, or internet connection. Honestly, it most likely comes down to the writer being a dunce. With that being said here is my email chat with our international Mavs Fans For Spotlights inaugural winner: Jasper, MFFL from the Philippines.

Hi, I’m Jasper, I’m 33 years old and I’ve been a Mavs fan for 20 years now.

What made you become a Mavs fan?

Living in a Basketball-crazy Nation, I’ve been a fan of our national league (PBA) since my older brother introduced me to watching it, in the 90’s. It’s a luxury in the Philippines if your home has a cable TV subscription (our family is not rich, lol). We rarely get to see NBA regular season games and we’re just able to watch it when it’s the NBA Finals (Michael Jordan era). Some local TV channels had special airtime for the Finals, so my brother and I were always excited to watch it early in the morning when we woke up. We would need to adjust the antenna of the TV set just to get a good reception. The first time I heard about a 7ft. tall player who shoots 3s was also from my brother which I think he heard from the local sports news. In 2001, we were lucky enough that local TV channels were able to air delayed telecasts of the playoffs. That’s when I became a fan of the Dallas Mavericks. I was in awe of Dirk, because in the 90s era, 7 ft. players were usually centers who play dominant, bully-ball. I’m only 4’4 at that time, so I love to shoot. I instantly liked him and he became my favorite player since he shoots jump shots, 3’s, and athletic for his height too!

Outside of the 2011 Championship, what is your favorite mavericks moment?

Definitely the ’06 Western Conference Finals. Dirk’s lay-up, fouled by Ginobili, and-one, then ties the game to force overtime and eventually won the game for their first NBA Finals appearance.

Other than Dirk or Luka, who is your favorite Maverick Player?

JET, love when he runs his mouth and backing it up! And the Larry O’Brien trophy tattoo?! Dude was crazy! lol.

As a fan located in the Philippines, how do you watch the games and have you ever been able to watch a game in person?

No, I haven’t watched a game in person since I’ve never been able to travel abroad. It’s my dream though. During the 1st decade of watching the Mavs, I always waited for the delayed telecasts or replays on local TV channels, that is, if the Mavs were playing for that airtime. But as time goes by local sports channels that were able to air NBA games increased drastically, but only for some major market teams. I had access to broadband internet and watched in free live-streaming websites. I know, it was illegal but Philippine laws were not yet too strict back then and I’m just a student who can’t afford any type of subscription. We have slow internet connection here so it will always get disconnected during the stream. Now I always subscribe to NBA League Pass (Team Choice) and pay Php 259.00 or a little over $5.00 per month when the season is in play. I always choose the Mavericks broadcast by the way because I’m also a fan of Mark Followill. So are we, Jasper. So are we.

Are there many other Mavericks fans in the Philippines?

I think so. I remember years ago when the Dallas Mavericks Facebook page made a poll and ask “outside of the US, what other country has the most MFFLs” – something like that. The Dallas Mavericks Facebook posted our flag in their page as a result of their poll. I was surprised too.

My 2 best friends are fellow MFFLs too. Evan, a JKidd and Dirk fan, while Dan, also a Dirk fan (loves it when Dirk makes a mean face and pulls up the shoulder-side of his jersey!). I can say that they also felt our heartbreaks for decades. In fact, one night in 2010, in front of our house, jobless, we were talking about the crazy theories and news that the world will end at 2012. We come to an agreement that Dirk should win a championship before the world ends, lol. My girlfriend back then (now my wife) also became a fan during the 2011 season. I was very happy when she decided not to go to work that day when the Mavs were playing OKC in the Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals. It was all worth it!

What draws them to the team?

Dirk but Now it’s Luka. Personally, I was also in awe of Mark Cuban during the pandemic last year. I respected him more when he didn’t fire people and cut their salaries. Except his draft and free agency decisions (outside of Luka of course!) lol. I can’t speak for the others, but just in my own opinion, they don’t want to be too mainstream, like being a fan of the big market teams like LA, Boston, Miami etc… We also love underdog teams to succeed, so maybe that’s what draws them to the Dallas Mavericks.

What NBA player would you like to see the Mavericks acquire to play with Luka?

As I’ve said, I’ve been a MFFL for 2 decades now and I get hurt every time the Mavs are “keeping the powder dry”, and fail during Free Agency, haha. But since the hiring of a new GM, Mr. Nico Harrison, I hope they’ll get Luka some legit help. Another star playmaker (ehem! Dame or Kawhi! Pipedream again!) and a legit 3&D (who can actually shoot 3s, not bricks!) would be my expectation. It doesn’t matter how, but I think they must and can do it. Although I’m preparing myself to get hurt again this August, I’m still hopeful.

What do you expect Jason Kidd to do with this team next season?

I expect that he will prioritize establishing the identity of this team during the beginning of the season. I might be alone in this KP Island right now but I still want him to succeed with Luka and the Mavs. I think Coach Kidd can help him. I also expect more offensive sets and play-calling, not just letting Luka improvise every time, and tougher defensive schemes. I am hopeful that the team will get past the 1st round of the playoffs. It’s been a decade since we’ve won a playoff series.

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