Free Agency Writer Roundtable

This may be the most consequential off-season for the Mavericks in quite a long time. Luka will need a contract extension soon and desperately needs some talent to back him up in his quest for a championship. With that being said, here are our free agency wishlists for this year.

Adrianna Araujo, Writer

1.) DeMar DeRozan

DeRozan is a great fit for the Mavericks as he has a great mid range shot and can use his size in various aspects on the court. The mid range component is most important as it forces the defense to respect that and other three point shooters on the Mavs. His contract would fall on the higher side but it would be well worth it.

2.) Kyle Lowry

A veteran point guard such as Lowry would prove useful as he can handle running the floor when Luka Doncic goes to the bench to rest. His ball handling and ability to drive to the basket make him a top prospect. On the downside he is 35 which is concerning regarding injuries and room for growth.

3.) Lonzo Ball

The oldest Ball brother has several upsides for the Mavericks as he is young, a good shooter, and can pass well. The Mavs could acquire him for a reasonable price and be able to continue to develop him as a player. The double edged sword is the circus that comes with him.

4.) Goran Dragic

Dragic has great court vision and a high basketball IQ. Doncic and Dragic have played together in the past and even won the 2017 Eurobasket. This past proves the chemistry between the two exists and how well their skills complement each other.

5.) Bobby Portis

The 2021 NBA Champion would be perfect for the Mavericks as an athletic inside presence. He is a great shooter and rebounder in addition to being a much cheaper option when it comes to cap space.

Shahnavaz Makhani, Writer

1.) Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi is the ultimate free agency coup for the Mavericks, even if he could potentially miss the entire year. The Mavs should be comfortable with his load management and injury history if he provides the same type of defense and playoff performances we’ve seen in the past

2.) Chris Paul

Paul joining forces with Luka under Kidd would be a nightmare for the rest of the NBA. While his defense has fallen off, his leadership, clutch shot making, and ability to make everyone around him better would be a welcome addition.

3.) Kyle Lowry

Lowry would bring many of the same skills that CP3 would bring. He’s performed well in the postseason and has become a valuable leader who can guide the offense and take pressure off of Luka.

4.) Lonzo Ball

I’ve grown more and more okay with the Lonzo fit for the Mavericks, and I think it’s more so the mentoring that Kidd could provide to help Ball enhance his game. He’s already a good defender and has improved his shot greatly.

5.) Tim Hardaway, Jr.

THJ’s fit with the Mavericks is clearly evident and his chemistry with Luka is fantastic. I only have him this far down the list because I think the Mavericks need to prioritize the first four. That being said, getting the solid 3 point shooter and locker room favorite back on a reasonable deal should be something the front office jumps at if the opportunity presents itself.

Josh Mazur, Editor

1.) Tim Hardaway Jr

Tim is one of the best players in the free agency pool this year and he just happens to wear a Mavericks Jersey already. Why not pay the player that has proven success with your team? This year he turned the Kristaps Porzingis trade into the Tim Hardaway Jr. trade and he deserves whatever payday he gets. He brings a Jason Terry level swagger and confidence that the Mavericks don’t have otherwise. Getting burned by him in another teams jersey is going to sting like a Murder Hornet if the Mavs let him walk.

2.) Dennis Schroeder

Dennis is heading into his prime at 27 years old. He’s shown flashes of brilliance and a base skillset that would be better than any point we’ve paired with Luka to this point in his short career. Schroeder also has shown the innate ability to take over a game in when stars are having a tough time getting into a groove.

3.) Lonzo Ball

Lonzo plays defense and has improved his shooting. With he mentorship of Kidd, a point guard who played defense and wasn’t a great shooter until later in his career, Lonzo might flourish. Also, he’s only 23 years old, that’s only 1 year older than Luka and it seems like he’s been in the league for a decade. Throw him in the starting lineup with 22 year old Luka and 26 year old Kristaps and you have one of the youngest and most talented cores in the NBA.

4.) Kyle Lowry

Kyle will bring championship level leadership and maturity to a team that desperately needs it. At 35, I don’t want to throw a huge multiyear deal at him (which he will most likely garner) but if the Mavericks were able grab him at a reasonable rate he obviously still has gas left in the tank and would be a definite upgrade.

5.) Richaun Holmes

Richaun just had the most productive year of his career with almost 15 points and 8 rebounds a game last year in Sacremento. He wouldn’t be the flashy free agent signing but Richaun would solve a few problems and wouldn’t cost the Mavericks an astronomical amount. Holmes is a very good rim protector and an agile pick and roll finisher.

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