Top Five Mavericks Not Named Dirk or Luka


The Dallas Mavericks are synonymous with the names Dirk and Luka. Making a top 5 list including those 2 could be considered easy and that’s why we wanted to make it a little more difficult by taking them out of the equation. Here is the top five players in franchise history not named Dirk And Luka.

5. Jason Terry

Jason Terry became was a lethal scoring threat with the Atlanta Hawks before getting traded to the Mavericks in 2004. Right away, Terry became a sidekick to Dirk Nowitzki and averaged 16 points per game during his time with the Mavs. Terry was critical during the franchise title run in 2011 averaging 18 points per game in the Finals against the heavily favored Miami Heat. The icing on the cake is that terry tattooed the Larry O’Brien Trophy on his arm before the season started. Hard to not put him in your top five right?

4. Steve Nash

Steve Nash was part of one of the best draft classes of all time, drafted by the Phoenix Suns in 96. Nash was traded to the Mavericks in 98, he was brought in to co-exist him and Nowitzki as their were on the rise to become stars. Nash had a mediocre start with the team but in 2000 started averaging 15 ppg and 7 assists. Nash made the All-Star team twice with the Mavericks averaging 17 Points and Seven assists. Mark Cuban made the hard decision to not re-sign Nash, letting him return to the Suns where he became a back to back MVP. If Nash spent more time with the Mavericks he would no question be ranked higher on this list.

3. Michael Finley

Michael Finley was traded from the Suns in 96, and became a star as soon as he became a Maverick. Finley’s first season with he Mavs he led the team in scoring, assists, and steals. He was a part of the lethal trio with Nash and Nowitzki and two time All-Star with the Mavericks, Finley averaged 19.8 points a game during his time with the Mavs. But Finley left some Mavs fans (me included) with a bad taste in their mouth when he became an unrestricted free agent and signed with the cross-state rival San Antonio Spurs. It turned out to be a good decision for him though, since he won a title with the franchise.

2. Jason Kidd

Jason Kidd was selected 2nd overall and shared Rookie of the year honors in 1995 with Grant Hill. Kidd averaged 11 points, 7 assists and five rebounds and also led the NBA in triple doubles. He met expectations as the following year Kidd was voted as a starter for the All-Star Game his 2nd year in the league. Kidd was averaging 16 points, 9 assists and seven rebounds. Kidd had trouble with the coaches the following years and was ultimately traded in 1997 to the Suns. Kidd was always special, but he became a hall of fame point guard during his tenures with the Phoenix Suns and New Jersey Nets. In 2008 Kidd returned to the Mavericks on the back end of his career as he was the point guard of the 2011 Championship team. Kidd was vital, playing floor general for the Mavs that year and also played great defense which was key in that championship run. At 38 Kidd was the oldest point guard to lead a team to a championship. Kidd was a part of the Mavs lone title, it’s only fair he made the list.

1. Mark Aguirre

Mark Aguirre was selected with the number one pick by the Mavs in 1981. Aguirre averaged 24 points per game as a Mav and was a three time all-star with the franchise. Aguirre was a great scorer and led the Mavericks to a Western Conference Finals appearance in 1988 with Ronaldo Blackman but lost against the Lakers. At the time it was the young franchises longest postseason run. Aguirre seems to be forgotten about as a Maverick even though he was clearly the best player in franchise history before Nowitzki Its reported that Aguirre had problems with some of his teammates and front office. The owner at the time Donald Carter wanted Aguirre to stay with the franchise, but the rift between Aguirre and others wasn’t fixable and he was was eventually traded to the Pistons in 1989. Aguirre finished third all time in franchise history in points.

Outside of Dirk and Luka, who are your all-time top 5 Mavericks?

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