Dončić’s Career Creates Opportunities Off the Court


In Luka Dončić’s first three seasons in the NBA he has had a major impact on the Dallas Mavericks organization but his reach goes so much further than that. On the court, we have seen him win Rookie of the Year, be on the All Rookie First Team, and make the All NBA First Team twice, being the youngest player to ever do this. These on the court accomplishments have given him the ability to progress his career through new resources available to him. This past summer we saw a culmination of his hard work skyrocket his career.

Dončić assisted Slovenia’s basketball team to win their pool in the qualifying tournament so they could participate in the Summer 2021 Olympics in Tokyo. Ultimately at the Olympic games, Slovenia fell short in the third place game losing to Australia. For this being Slovenia’s first time qualifying for the games in men’s basketball is extremely impressive and this finish is all the more impressive when you consider that Slovenia has a population of only 2.1 million. This success in Slovenia and comradery around Dončić translates to his games in the US for the Mavericks. Following Dončić being drafted, during his rookie season in 2018-2019 as reported by Brad Townsend the Mavs saw an, “86-percent increase in viewership and ratings from last season to this season on Fox Sports Southwest.” There was an increase in international viewership too thanks to the loyal fans Dončić has gained around the world. 

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The accomplishments that Dončić amassed made him eligible to sign a supermax extension recently. The $207 million 5 year contract is the “largest rookie extension in NBA history.” At a press conference in Dončić’s hometown of Ljubljana, Slovenia, he stated, “Along with this new contract, I am also happy to announce that I am increasing my efforts and focusing on expanding The Luka Dončić Foundation. My foundation is an international non-profit that will give back to places that mean so much to me like my home country of Slovenia, as well as the communities in North Texas.” He went on to say that he would be fixing the basketball courts that he learned to play on with the help of 2K Foundations. Two months ago Dončić was announced as the cover athlete for 2K22. To see how quickly he has been able to partner with them following this honor is encouraging. This week they unveiled the two redone courts.

The courts each contain his new logo at the center which will be on “player exclusive” Jordan 36’s. When discussing what went into the logo’s design Dončić said, 

“It’s inspired by the Mobius strip, which looks like an infinite loop from inside to outside. It’s a very deceptive shape, almost like two lightning bolts. It also looks like my initials, “LD”, and my number, 77. The negative space reveals an “S” for Slovenia.”

Dončić has had a plethora of success thus far which makes it hard to believe that this is only the beginning. Don’t be surprised if he gets his very own signature shoe soon and continues to better areas of the world that are important to him. His turnaround time for his first project was very quick and it is undoubtedly just the beginning. Going forward it will be exciting to see how his play can further his impact through partnerships and deals. 

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