New Mavericks COVID Policy Met with Meritless Controversy

On October 30th the Dallas Mavericks officially announced that in the future they would loosen 

the COVID-19 restrictions to enter games at the AAC. The statement released by the team stated that:

The Mavericks, in conjunction with the NBA, announced today that beginning Nov. 15, fans seated beyond 15 feet of the court will no longer need to complete a Fan Health Survey to enter the game. Those same fans will also no longer need to submit proof of a negative COVID-19 test or full vaccination status within 48 hours of the game.

After this announcement many took to twitter to call out Mark Cuban for changing his stance after protecting his initial stance vehemently. People on both sides of the issue twisted the narrative to fit their own personal political stance. Some accused him of having money invested in big pharma, others in changing his stance because of losing revenue in ticket sales, and some even said he changed his mind because he no longer believed in the vaccine. In true Cuban fashion he fought back to defend the change to one particular twitter user:

“We have always followed the science. Now we are instituting protections for those who need it and responding to the 70+ percent decline in cases per day. If the numbers get worse again, we will bring back the policy.”

-Mark Cuban via Twitter

This wasn’t an isolated response either, Cuban proceeded to combat many of the false tweets that he received when the team announced the new policy.

In the statement released by the team it also mentioned that, “the Mavericks are still working to create sections, whether in various locations around the arena or in suites, that would help decrease potential COVID-19 exposure to cancer patients or immunocompromised individuals who attend games.” 

Ultimately, it is clear that Cuban wants to create a safe environment for all fans based on the ongoing information that he is receiving. The first game this new policy will go into effect at is on November 15th against the Denver Nuggets at 7pm.

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  1. Thank you for clarifying his stance on this important issue. I applaud his decision both before & now and believe he has handled this in the right way.

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