What Does Rangers Free Agency Success Say About Mavericks Failures?


The Texas Rangers committed over half a billion dollars to several major free agents over the past week, thoroughly changing the course of their franchise and proving far more effective in free agency than the Dallas Mavericks have been in the last ten years. This past offseason was just the latest example of the Mavericks being unable to secure their top priority, and instead ended up with a couple of players who’ve struggled mightily to begin the season. 

But the Rangers adding Corey Seager, Jon Gray, and Marcus Semien is more than just an example of money talking. It is a striking indictment against the braintrust of the Mavericks as well. For starters, the Mavericks, while far from a heritage NBA franchise, do have a winning history. They’ve been to two finals, won a championship, and could be pencilled in as 50-win playoff appearers in a tough conference throughout the last 20 years. The Rangers, meanwhile, can’t say the same thing about themselves. 

Lightning struck in Texas when the Rangers reached back-to-back world series 10 years ago, only to lose to the Cardinals and Giants respectively. The Rangers have by-and-large been a losing team since then, and are hardly ever seen as a team threatening to swipe some of the league’s most coveted players. The Rangers also don’t appear to boast one of the league’s loudest ownership groups, whereas the Mavericks clearly do.

The Rangers also play in Arlington, miles from one of the nation’s busiest and most thriving sports markets, where the Mavericks notably reside. There is also no established star on their roster, a luxury the Mavericks have been afforded since the turn of the century. It seems the Rangers have every imaginable disadvantage going against them, whereas they have proven able to bring several marquee free agents, and in the case of Seager, an absolute star to town. 

Dallas has hardly anything to show for their free agent efforts over the last 15 years. Harrison Barnes, Wesley Matthews, Deandre Jordan, Seth Curry, and Chandler Parsons just isn’t good enough for a team that puts as much into the annual frenzy as they do. The Rangers have proven it is nothing against the market, the city, or the fan base turning players off. Rather, it is a trend rapidly becoming more and more concerning with time, specific to the Mavericks. 

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