Mavs Fans For Life’s PrizePicks of the Night


Landon’s Picks

Russell Westbrook – Westbrook has averaged 14 points in the past 5 games, I expect under 18.5 points tonight.

Kristaps Porzingis – Luka out again tonight, I expect Kristaps to pick up the load and score more than 21.5 points.

LeBron James – James has averaged 61 fantasy points in the past 3 games. I predict James to have more than 50 tonight.

Anthony Davis – I expect Davis to have a big night across the stat sheet and score more than 48.5 fantasy points.

Jalen Brunson – Brunson has averaged under 35 fantasy points the past 5 games. I have to go with the trend.

Josh’s Picks

Anthony Davis – Expect him to have a good night, over 22.5 points.

Kristaps Porzingis – Same as AD, predict Kristaps to have a good night with over 21.5 points.

LeBron James – James has been up and down with assists lately. I expect more iso more pay from him tonight and not a lot of passing, under 7.5 assists.

Jalen Brunson – Brunson will get over 6.5 assists with Luka out.

Reggie Bullock – Lock Bullock in for 2 3’s. I believe in you Bull.

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