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Recently, it has felt like the sky is falling for the Dallas Maverick organization after the struggles they have been having such as their fourth quarter collapses. Their current record is 14-15 and they are ranked 9th in the Western Conference. When hardships come, so does the search for answers and the quest has led to a variety of places to point the finger. Those getting pointed to include a stagnant roster, Jason Kidd, and even Luka Doncic’s weight.

Despite all the noise there are a few things that need to be considered and remembered as the Mavs’ season continues. First, throughout this first stretch the team has had several injuries it has had to overcome and as the season goes on it will get better at making adjustments. Second, Nico Harrison has lots of connections across the league from previously working at Nike before becoming the Mavs general manager. Many are irritated that this connection was not capitalized upon this past offseason but don’t be surprised if we see it happen in the near future, it just might take a little more time than we’d like. Finally, trades can officially begin on December 15th which means that until the trade deadline on February 10th the Mavs can try to revitalize their roster.

Before we start making trades too quickly though we may want to take a closer look at some of the current players we already have. Sunday evening, when the Mavs beat the Oklahoma City Thunder, 103-84, fans got to see one player in particular have a breakout performance. Moses Brown had 15 points, 6 rebounds, and 2 blocks in 20 minutes of playing time. Brown showed the potential he contains and what’s to come for him given the opportunity and Mavs fans should be excited about his ability to grow with the team. After the game Jason Kidd said the following about his playing time and performance, “Moses Brown deserves more minutes. The more minutes he gets, the better he gets. He earns them. He works hard and now that he is settling into his routine, you’re starting to see the results of that.” 

At a time when it seems like the Mavs are doing damage control left and right it is refreshing to see Brown step up for them and get quality minutes. From the press conferences it sounds like Kidd has been having discussions with his staff as to how to better incorporate certain players and how to substitute within the flow of the game which is also a positive. Going forward lets hope Brown is able to build on this positive momentum and gets more opportunities from this staff. 

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