Dinwiddie Already Invaluable in Dallas


In 2021 Spencer Dinwiddie joined the Washington Wizards after formally being on the Brooklyn Nets for five seasons. While Dinwiddie was only in Washington for less than one season (44 games) it was clear that he had trouble finding his role on the team. Now that Dinwiddie and Davis Bertans have been traded to the Dallas Mavericks, sending Kristaps Porzingis to the Wizards, they are already making a significant impact which begs the question, what changed? Or could Dallas just be a “better fit?”

Dinwiddie averaged 12.6 points, 5.8 assists and 4.7 rebounds during his time in Washington. Despite these numbers, he did not garner the respect from others in the locker room, in a postgame interview he stated that, “It’s an interesting situation. I spoke up a little bit early on. It wasn’t necessarily welcomed. And so, like I said, I try to do whatever’s asked of me. At the end of the day, everybody has a role to play, it’s about being accountable in your role and doing that to the best of your ability.” One can guess that the teammate he is referencing is most likely Bradley Beal as he is the Wizards star player. After the Mavs game against the Kings, Dinwiddie also responded to a question in the post game interview by saying that he was hurt by the way everything ended with the Wizards and that he was hurt by the perception that he was the problem there. It is unclear what the real issue was but that it ultimately was not going to work out between the two.

All of this has been a valuable learning experience for Dinwiddie though, as you can tell he has a genuine appreciation for the Mavs organization as well as a dedication to making the team successful. Already, in his last 5 games with the Mavs he is averaging 22.2 points 6 assists and 2 rebounds. On Saturday against the Sacramento Kings he also started in place of Luka Doncic who was out with a sprained toe and he scored 36 points and had 7 assists. Having a third ball handler behind Doncic and Jalen Brunson that can also start and score like this is going to prove to be very useful. Depth in this position is something the Mavs have struggled with the last two postseasons and with Dinwiddie they may have the missing piece that they need to make a run.

Sometimes when you aren’t given the opportunity to play to your full potential or be vocal in the locker room it can turn a situation unnecessarily sour and from an outside perspective it seems like that is what happened in Washington. Their loss is the Mav’s gain, the team chemistry in Dallas is great and Jason Kidd has been doing an excellent job of putting players in a position to succeed. Dinwiddie is already fitting right in and should continue to do so because of these two things.

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