2022-2023 Season: Week 13 Review


Dallas Mavericks 101, Los Angeles Clippers 113

Stat Leaders: Points: 43, Dončić; Assists: 11, Dončić; Rebounds: 7, Dončić

Surprising Stat: Dončić is the sixth player this season to lose a game despite recording a 40-point double-double.

Dallas Mavericks 119, Los Angeles Lakers 115

Stat Leaders: Points: 35, Dončić; Assists: 14, Dončić; Rebounds: 13, Dončić

Surprising Stat: Christian Wood’s three overtime blocks were the most overtime blocks of any player this season.

Dallas Mavericks 119, Portland Trail Blazers 136

Stat Leaders: Points: 25, Dinwiddie; Assists: 6, Dončić; Rebounds: 10, Dončić

Surprising Stat: Reggie Bullock made a career-high eight three-pointers.

Dallas Mavericks 123, Portland Trail Blazers 140

Stat Leaders: Points: 28, Dinwiddie; Assists: 9, Dinwiddie; Rebounds: 16, Wood

Surprising Stat: The Mavericks fell to 0-5 without Luka Dončić.

MVP of the Week: Christian Wood

The Mavericks only tallied one win this week.

We can thank Christian Wood for that.

In the hectic win over the Lakers, Wood put to bed any concerns about his defensive investment and ability. He led the way with five blocks, including three blocks in overtime, to help the Mavericks secure the victory.

He had a game-saving block against LeBron James at the end of the first overtime. He followed that up with a transition block on Russell Westbrook, followed by the game-clinching block against LeBron James in the second overtime.

Oh, and he also chipped in 24 points and 14 rebounds.

Any defensive questions about Wood, at this point, have been answered. Wood will struggle to guard traditional centers, like Hawks’ Clint Capela or Grizzlies’ Steven Adams. Yet, in an ever-changing league, such players are becoming less prominent. His defensive clinic against LeBron James showcased the range of his defensive versatility. Wood is clearly the best interior defender outside of Maxi Kleber that Dallas has acquired in quite some time.

On the week, Wood averaged 19.7 points, 11 rebounds and 2.7 blocks.

The only thing left to wonder is when Dallas will offer him an extension.

Surprise of the Week: Jaden Hardy

After another disappointing and injury-littered week, Hardy is once again the Mavericks’ silver lining.

Sunday, Hardy scored a career-high 25 points in roughly 27 minutes in the second loss to Portland. He continued to showcase his improvements as a driver, shooting 50% in the paint while chipping in three three-pointers. 

Hardy’s outburst was surprising, as averaged just four points in his three previous outings.

Hardy has a lot of room for growth. His shot selection reveals his youth and his three-point shooting needs a lot of work. To solidify himself as a key piece in this Dončić-centric offense, Hardy needs to be able to make his open three-point looks. 

Hardy also has room to improve defensively, but his effort is present. He has earned more minutes, even as injured players begin to return to the lineup, according to Jason Kidd.

“That’s just me going out there and being confident in my abilities,” Hardy said after his career-best performance. “I feel like no one can stay in front of me.”

The Hardy party rages on.

Stock Up: Spencer Dinwiddie

Sometimes, fans need a reminder of how good a player can be.

Dinwiddie reminded us this week.

Dinwiddie, a once-routine 20-point scorer in Brooklyn, averaged 20.8 points and 5.8 assists on 55.3% shooting from the floor and 45.8% shooting from deep. 

Oftentimes, Dinwiddie doesn’t get enough shot attempts with Dončić running the offense, a combination of both Dinwiddie’s odd shooting hesitancy and the flow of the game. But, with Dončić resting, and having some offensive struggles, Dinwiddie flourished.

For Dallas to get back to its winning ways, Dončić and Dinwiddie need to click offensively in the same game.

Hopefully, it’s only a matter of time.

Stock Down: Casey Smith’s Schedule

Casey Smith, the Mavericks’ director of player health and performance, has had a busy schedule recently.

It’s only gotten busier.

Dallas has been plagued by injuries, and they continue to pile up. Josh Green has been out since December 9th (though he might return on Wednesday), Maxi Kleber has been out since December 14th and Dorian Finney-Smith has been out since December 21st.

Now, add Christian Wood and Tim Hardaway Jr. to the list.

Wood suffered an ankle injury in the overtime win against the Lakers, causing him to miss the first Portland game. Hardaway Jr. injured his left ankle in the first Portland game, causing him to miss the second matchup.

That accounts for three starters and five of the Mavericks’ best seven players who have missed time over the last month.

With the Mavericks’ remaining core of rotational players seeing a significant increase in minutes, it is no surprise that more players are catching the injury bug. Most teams would struggle with this many injuries, but the Mavericks’ lack of bench depth has further compounded this issue.

“We [have] been hurt [the] majority of the season,” Jason Kidd said after the first Portland game. “Hopefully we get healthy soon.”

For Dallas to stay afloat in the competitive Western Conference, Casey Smith must work his medical magic.

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