3 Potential Mavericks Draft Picks Before Tonight’s Draft

OK, the 37th pick isn’t exactly what Mavs Fans wanted to have tonight but the future is still bright and not everyone can draft Zion. Here are 3 players the who could end up in blue next season.

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About Last Night…Dallas at Denver

There are several reasons why getting a win in Denver last night would have been a big deal.

  • The Lakers, Clippers, and Grizzlies had all lost so the Western Conference rankings were ready to climb
  • The Mavericks had lost 2 very winnable games against the Suns & Kings
  • This would be the 2nd time this season that the Mavericks would beat a #1 seed team in the west.
  • This was the beginning of a 4-game Western Conference road trip.

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4 Reasons to Watch Mavs vs. Nets Tonight

A tough loss to a divisional opponent like Memphis hurts but the best way to heal that wound is to lay a beating on a less talented Brooklyn squad.

On paper, tonight’s game against the Brooklyn Nets isn’t the most exciting match-up. This means some fans might need a reason or two to pay attention, how about four?

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