About Last Night…Dallas at Denver

There are several reasons why getting a win in Denver last night would have been a big deal.

  • The Lakers, Clippers, and Grizzlies had all lost so the Western Conference rankings were ready to climb
  • The Mavericks had lost 2 very winnable games against the Suns & Kings
  • This would be the 2nd time this season that the Mavericks would beat a #1 seed team in the west.
  • This was the beginning of a 4-game Western Conference road trip.

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4 Reasons to Watch Mavs vs. Nets Tonight

A tough loss to a divisional opponent like Memphis hurts but the best way to heal that wound is to lay a beating on a less talented Brooklyn squad.

On paper, tonight’s game against the Brooklyn Nets isn’t the most exciting match-up. This means some fans might need a reason or two to pay attention, how about four?

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