About Last Night – Mavs vs Spurs – Game 13

When it comes to NBA rivalries, it doesn’t get much better than the Dallas Mavericks and the San Antonio Spurs. It’s one of those rivalries where no team can ever be counted completely out of the game. Two of the most successful franchises over the past two decades, separated by nothing more than a few miles down a single highway, it was inevitable that there would be a close finish in this one. As it would happen, two stars, Luka Doncic and DeMar DeRozan, would battle it out until the end. But it was again the supporting cast for the Mavericks – a refreshingly common theme this year – that would make the difference. Continue reading “About Last Night – Mavs vs Spurs – Game 13”

About Last Night – Mavs at Knicks – Game 11

As an NBA franchise, you don’t want to lose to the Knicks. The Mavs already lost to the Knicks once, representing half of NY’s wins in a young eleven game season. Losing again would mean a season sweep to one of the worst teams in the league over the past decade plus. As it would come to play out, though, the Dallas Mavericks would be humbled on Thursday night. It wasn’t that it was a must win game in the sense that the season depended on it. With so many back stories and such high emotion, it played out more like a rivalry game than any typical “higher ranked team needs to beat the lower ranked team” type game. While a loss is definitely frustrating for all the reasons mentioned before, plus some, There are some things to think about regarding last night that should make them better later this season.

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About Last Night – Mavs vs Magic – Game 7

The Mavericks squeaked out a nail biter of a game last night, after another slow start. Luckily for the Mavs, neither team was able to get into much of a rhythm on the offensive end of the floor. The only difference being that the Magic were able to turn some of their defense into effective scoring opportunities, in what would turn into a common theme throughout the game, the Magic ended up with a total of 14 steals and 10 blocks that they were able to turn into 22 fast break points. Continue reading “About Last Night – Mavs vs Magic – Game 7”

About Last Night – Mavs at Nuggets – Game 4

Despite a sizzling hot start from Paul Millsap, the Dallas Mavericks were able to pull out a huge victory against Western Conference rival, the Denver Nuggets. After losing six straight in Denver, the Mavericks showed a massive amount of composure in being able to ride out a great team win. Continue reading “About Last Night – Mavs at Nuggets – Game 4”

About Last Night – Mavs vs Wizards – Game 1

The first opening night that I can remember where he wasn’t there. On the first home game of a season, it can be customary for the home team to announce the whole roster. It’s always kinda awkward-but-cool to see the players that aren’t even suited up running through the player tunnel, high-fiving their teammates as we all prepare to finally unwrap the gift of a new NBA season. Continue reading “About Last Night – Mavs vs Wizards – Game 1”

About Last Night: Rockets at Mavs

One of my more favorite Rick Carlisle-isms is, “Stay ready”. It’s something that he has preached to each of his Mavericks teams over the past decade. It comes up most often on the nights when a bench player, who hasn’t been seen too much of late, is thrown into 30+ minute situations out of the blue. It was a situation like last night. Jalen Brunson has shown that he can step up when needed. He has shown that stays ready.

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Mavs 1st Quarter Snapshot Review

Technically speaking, the quarter mark of the season came at the halfway point of the Los Angeles Clippers game on Sunday. Although we are a game and a half past that moment as of last night, I think it is still acceptable to consider that we are right at a quarter of the way through the season and needing to review how things have gone so far.

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