About Last Night: Rockets at Mavs

One of my more favorite Rick Carlisle-isms is, “Stay ready”. It’s something that he has preached to each of his Mavericks teams over the past decade. It comes up most often on the nights when a bench player, who hasn’t been seen too much of late, is thrown into 30+ minute situations out of the blue. It was a situation like last night. Jalen Brunson has shown that he can step up when needed. He has shown that stays ready.

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Mavs 1st Quarter Snapshot Review

Technically speaking, the quarter mark of the season came at the halfway point of the Los Angeles Clippers game on Sunday. Although we are a game and a half past that moment as of last night, I think it is still acceptable to consider that we are right at a quarter of the way through the season and needing to review how things have gone so far.

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