Mavs From the Past

Mavs From the Past: J.J. Barea

Jose Juan Barea better known as J.J. Barea is a name many Mavs Fans know and cherish. He spent most of his NBA career as part of the Mavericks and personified the phrase “Heart over height.”

Mavs From the Past: D.J. Mbenga

The name D.J. Mbenga is a name that not many may remember. The Belgian-Congolese basketball player sustained a career in the league for over half a decade, even though his talents on the floor weren’t as eye-catching as his fellow NBA players.

Mavs From the Past: Keith Van Horn

Keith Van Horn is best known for his earlier years in the NBA, when he was one of the faces of the late 90s to early 2000s New Jersey Nets. While some people may not remember his days on the Dallas Mavericks, he took part in one of the team’s best seasons.