Mavs From the Past: Jim Jackson

Jim Jackson has enjoyed a long and successful NBA career, one that has not yet ended, at least not off the court.

4 Observations in Game 1 Loss

After taking down the #1 seed Phoenix Suns in the semifinals, the Mavericks’ new opponent Golden State Warriors and their raucous fans were waiting for Luka Doncic and company. Many factors contributed to their 25-point loss 112-87 at Chase Center. The numbers weren’t pretty in this game. Here are some observations of Game 1.

Jason Kidd Continues Coaching Adjustments Into the Playoffs

In the latter half of the season, fans got to see the Dallas Mavericks hit their stride and win more games due largely in part to Jason Kidd’s coaching adjustments. Throughout the regular season, Kidd has made coaching adjustments in various aspects on the court. That includes lineups, drawn up plays against the opposing team’s schemes, and called timeouts in the flow of the game.

Mavs From the Past: Fat Lever

Lever had a memorable career that injuries put an end to. The Mavericks didn’t get to witness his full potential due to the injuries he sustained while on the team. Despite the injuries that he experienced later in his career, he was rewarded for his hard work in college and the NBA with a handful of honors.