Rookie Ranks: December Update

An update on Luka’s quest for Rookie of the Year


Last year’s tank-fest in the NBA is already paying dividends for several NBA teams as this has been one of the deepest and most productive rookie classes in a long time.  Several years down the road we may look back at this draft the same way we do the 2003 draft that gave us several players that changed the competitive landscape in the NBA for year in LeBron, Melo, Bosh, and D-Wade.  It should be a competitive race for Rookie of the Year, but there are already a few candidates that stand out above the rest.

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MFFL Playoff Watch: Western Conference Power Rankings – Week 7 (11/28-12/04)

This was a really positive week for the Dallas Mavericks, they were 3-1 and have climbed to 2nd in the Southwest Division and 7th in the Western Conference standings.

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Mavs 1st Quarter Snapshot Review

Technically speaking, the quarter mark of the season came at the halfway point of the Los Angeles Clippers game on Sunday. Although we are a game and a half past that moment as of last night, I think it is still acceptable to consider that we are right at a quarter of the way through the season and needing to review how things have gone so far.

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