Ranking the Most Tradable Mavs’ Contracts


It is no secret the Mavericks do not have much leverage on the trade market as it stands. But among the players on the roster on long-term deals, which are the most marketable in potential trades?

7. Tim Hardaway Jr.

—Things haven’t gone to plan for Tim Hardaway Jr. in the first 20+ games for him post-foot injury. Even after a recent hot streak, he is still shooting just 37% from the field and has been a complete traffic cone on defense. While his shooting touch appears to be coming back around, he remains a bit of a liability everywhere else.

The Mavs justifiably gave Hardaway Jr. a huge contract after his outstanding performance in the playoffs against the Clippers in 2021. But a coaching change, injury, and up-and-down play has plagued him ever since. Trading him will be difficult, as he still has almost $35 million and two more seasons to go after this one. He’s now in his 30’s, so any taker will likely be in desperate need of shooting and experience. 

Potential trade

Pelicans get: Tim Hardaway Jr., 2025 second-round pick

Mavericks get: Larry Nance Jr., Devonte Graham

6. Dorian Finney-Smith

—As hard as it is to admit, the answer to the question “Who has been the single worst player on the Mavs’ roster a quarter through the season?” Is Dorian Finney Smith. It’s not particularly close either. For whatever reason, the fan favorite is having an absolutely nightmarish year in all phases. He’s shooting a disappointing 33% from three and just 40% from the field after a scintillating playoff performance. 

Finney-Smith’s defensive reputation and locker room respect make him more appealing to teams than his on-court production will indicate, but he remains a difficult asset to expect any sort of major return on. He has approximately $43 million and three years, the last of which is a player option, remaining on his deal. At 29, a contending team in need of length on the wing is probably the best remaining home for Finney-Smith. 

Potential trade

Trail Blazers get: Dorian Finney-Smith, Jaden Hardy

Mavericks get: Josh Hart, Nassir Little, 2 future-second round picks

5. Maxi Kleber

—So far, the initial returns on Maxi Kleber’s upcoming 3 yr/$33 million deal don’t look particularly great. The Mavericks continue to invest in Kleber at a pretty respectable rate because of his unique defensive versatility primarily, but it does seem as though Kleber has had less and less impact on the floor for the Mavericks over the last couple of seasons. Numerous lower-body injuries and as streaky a shooting touch as you will ever find makes him a hit-or-miss proposition each and every night. 

All told, a player like Kleber is always going to have value come playoff time. He’s long, versatile, and can shoot the three reasonably well. Dallas shouldn’t panic yet on Kleber’s seeming decline, but trading him won’t be an easy task. He is out for an extended time with a hamstring tear and will likely have to be part of a much larger deal to turn his value into purely one of salary-matching.

Potential trade: 

Hornets get: Maxi Kleber, Josh Green, Javale McGee

Mavericks get: Kelly Oubre Jr, Mason Plumlee, 2024 top-ten protected first-round pick

4. Reggie Bullock

—In second place behind Finney-Smith as far as underachieving Mavericks is unquestionably Reggie Bullock. Shooting 32% from three, Bullock’s value has never been lower. Of course, Bullock got off to a similarly miserable start last season, before becoming an absolute bear for his team during the last third of the season and postseason on both ends. Shooting 40% from range as he did in the playoffs along with his punishing defense makes Bullock valuable to most teams in the league.

But that was last year. Now, Bullock looks like a completely different player. Fortunately, his contract is not too hard to swallow. He has just one more year after this season, and it is only partially guaranteed. That should not be troubling for anyone looking to bring him on board. Like Kleber, though, his value is at best neutral right now, which is going to make him have to be part of a much larger package in order to get a deal done. 

Potential trade: 

Lakers get: Davis Bertans, Reggie Bullock, Tim Hardaway Jr.

Mavericks get: Russell Westbrook, 2029 top-five protected first-round pick

3. Dwight Powell

It seems as though Dwight Powell’s best value to the Mavericks at this point is purely his salary-matching power. He’s a free agent after this season, and even though his chemistry and hustle-oriented attitude are well documented, there just isn’t and never has been enough production on the floor to justify the contracts he has gotten. Dallas cannot and should not re-sign him after this season, even if it means letting him go outright. 

That said, his $11,080,125 price tag for this year is a good number to be dangling in the trade market. An expiring deal for someone who is not going to jeopardize anyone’s tanking attempts will be attractive to at least one or two teams on the market. Dallas needs to be evaluating every single trade they can get Powell involved in up until the deadline. 

Potential trade: 

Spurs get: Dwight Powell, 2027 second-round pick

Mavericks get: Josh Richardson

2. Spencer Dinwiddie

—Few teams have more inconsistent players throughout their roster than the Mavericks. Spencer Dinwiddie is among them. In a year where he has all kinds of pressure on him in the wake of Jalen Brunson’s departure, Dinwiddie has clocked in at 16.5 points per game on 46% shooting. Things haven’t been particularly linear in any one direction for Dinwiddie, who’s play can swing all over the place from one game to the next.

But in a league where shooting and ball handling are at a premium, Dinwiddie has plenty of value on the open market. His contract is perfectly reasonable with just one year to go after this one, which is only partially guaranteed. His athleticism appears to be right back where it was before he sustained his injury, which speaks to a certain longevity and durability he does indeed have overall. Dinwiddie’s value is going to be a positive in a potential trade, should the Mavericks pursue that route. 

Potential trade: 

Clippers get: Spencer Dinwiddie, Jaden Hardy

Mavericks get: Reggie Jackson, Ivica Zubac, 2025 second-round pick

1. Christian Wood

While the second-most tradable player on the Mavericks’ roster, Christian Wood’s impending free agency makes thins a little complicated. While any expiring contract is appealing, the question of whether or not to pay him is going to be a difficult decision for any team that has his Bird rights. While tremendously talented, there are fair, genuine questions about Wood’s actual impact on the floor and his locker room antics. 

Wood is probably still the team’s second best player in the prime of his career. But a long-term decision on him is going to be risky either way. If the Mavericks pay him long term, questions about whether or not he can be the second-best player on a contending team will be legitimate, just as trading a good player in his prime has its drawbacks too. 

Potential trade: 

—Nuggets get: Christian Wood, Tim Hardaway Jr.

—Mavericks get: Aaron Gordon, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

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